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‘Torak’, is a 3rd person single-player adventure game featuring an extraordinary world with diverse ecosystems, destructive enemies, epic boss battles, innovative gameplay and the ability to control your own army of elemental minions. You can assist Torak on his quest for revenge and enjoy exploring the planet’s various lands while searching for Skunge Tumours and gaining essense based abilities.


48hr Game Making Challenge 2013

Hey everyone it's that time of year again and Team Carrot has some new faces but is all geared up and ready to go. We are all very excited to see what every team can come up within 48hrs.


Posted by Joel Bennett Sunday 3rd of October

Gamesta Article

A Big thanks to Gamesta for the exposure! click here to go check out the article.

We also have an upcoming industry showcase. Hopefully we can win a award, stay tuned to hear the results.

Posted by Joel Bennett Tuesday 30th of October

WHAT?! An Early Mac Release Aswell!

Big news! Along with our early release on Windows, we now have a Mac download too!

Twice the fun, for twice the audience. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed making it!

Posted by Rhiana Murray Sunday 24th of October

Early Windows Release

We are ahead of schedule and decided that you all have been waiting long enough. Torak is now available to download on Windows.

We will also have the Mac version available soon!

Posted by Joel Bennett Sunday 22nd of October

The Website

The wesbite is now complete with amazing galleries, the ability to review our games and much more, have a look around. To celebrate this milestone we have released the opening cinematic in Torak, enjoy.

We will keep you updated as the content goes up but don't forget about the release date of Torak... 29/10/12.

Posted by Joel Bennett Sunday 18th of October

Final Stages Approaching

We are freezing up the production of our game now; all the sound is in, the bugs are under control, the cinematic is amazing, there's basically nothing left to do!

Only 15 days till the release of our download, so keep yourselves updated on our news, and be one of the first to play the release of Torak!


Posted by Rhiana Murray Sunday 14th of October

Winner of the 48hr Game Making Challenge

Our team, known as Team Carrot in the competition, cleaned up on the weekend and won People's Choice, Best Graphics and Overall Indie Game Winner 2012. We also got runner up in Best Sound. There are some minor bugs that need to be fixed before the game is released and we are currently in the publishing stages of Torak so stay tuned; we will have two games for you to play very soon.

48hr Winner

Posted by Joel Bennett Monday 1st of October

Upcoming Compitition

Half our team will be entering the 48hr Game Making Challenge. Here's hoping we win a prize.


Posted by Joel Bennett Thursday 25th of September

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